We are constantly working to expand our resources to support parents and carers of autistic children on an ongoing basis.  Explore our site!!  Some of our current resources are:


Read our large selection of articles, proposing a unique and powerful perspective on autism, and giving practical support in how to best help your autistic child.

Does Your Toddler Have Autism?

Our new Q-CHAT online questionnaire - developed with Professor Simon Baron-Cohen of Cambridge University - can give an indication as to whether your toddler may have autism.

The Book

Our groundbreaking book about how our CEO's son, Daniel, and had his life transformed through treatment at Mifne, and how other parents can make use of this approach.


COMING SOON - A series of themed webinars, where parents will be able to put questions to qualified child psychotherapists on all aspects of bringing up an autistic child. 


A themed library of these webinars will then be available online for ongoing reference and inspiration!


Within our Early Intervention section, there is a growing selection of interviews with autism specialists and influencers.  We will soon be adding a section of interviews with parents who have gone on to do great things to support other families.  They should provide insight and inspiration for parents. 

Watch some of the key interviews below, or click here for more full interviews and clips.

Dame Steve Shirley (coming soon)

Professor Simon-Baron Cohen (eminent autism specialist & researcher, Cambridge University)

Gina Davies (Pioneering Speech and Language Therapist)

Tony Attwood (prominent Autsralia-Based Autism Specialist)

Martin Knapp (LSE autism researcher & author of the influential Autism Dividend Report)

Jonathan Green (has authored ground-breaking research into early-intervention in autism)