Transforming Autism strongly advocates early autism intervention - but not the sort that treats autism as an illness or aims to modify a child's behaviour.  We propose a respectful approach that unlocks an autistic child's inner potential to live a contented and fulfilling life that we can all benefit from.  Our TED talk and book (see below) elaborate on this.

We're currently working hard to be able to soon begin delivering our first Family Services to families with young autistic children.  These are aimed at providing the children with a safe and secure environment that will reduce their anxiety and promote their development, and at helping parents to deeply understand their autistic children's needs and be able to provide for them in a ways that makes then feel understood and looked after.  Our March For Autism event for this year's World Autism Week is intended to raise the money to make the introduction of these services possible.  Please consider taking part, or donating.

Guy Shahar's TED talk, The Beautiful Reality of Autism,  lays out what The Transforming Autism Project is all about at heart. You can also read it.

This is the sort of change that our Mifne Centre will bring

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Read our groundbreaking book exploring the Mifne method of autism early intervention.

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