Guy Shahar's TED talk, The Beautiful Reality of Autism,  lays out what The Transforming Autism Project is all about at heart. You can also read it.

Transforming Autism strongly advocates early autism intervention - but not the sort that treats autism as an illness or aims to modify a child's behaviour.  We propose a respectful approach that unlocks an autistic child's inner potential to live a contented and fulfilling life that we can all benefit from.  Our TED talk elaborates on this and sets out the foundations of our charity (see the video).

We work with families with young autistic children to help them to create positive, nourishing, trust-based relationships between parent a child, to transform family life and unlock the child's development potential.   We help the child to feel safe and understood, while guiding the parents to truly understand what they are experiencing and trying to communicate.

The reason we prioritise families with very young autistic children is that the early years are the optimal time to ensure they experience a safe environment, so that the life-long trauma that often comes from a feeling of not being properly understood, and even judged and criticised for who they are, can be most effectively averted.

What We Offer

Our pioneering First Steps programme (created for us by Norland) is our intensive multi-disciplinary programme that takes place in the child's environment in the family home.  It is already bringing about monumental changes in the lives of for our initial families.  It is currently available in the South East of England in a limited number of areas, though we are looking to expand these.

One family's experience of the programme

In parallel to First Steps, we have distilled some of the most important learning that takes place during this programme into a 10 week online parent workshop, which we call Confident Autism Parenting.

Our Webinars are aimed at allowing our wonderful therapists and others to share some of the key principles from their experience to a much wider audience than would otherwise be possible.

Part of the inspiration of our work is the pioneering work undertaken by the Mifne Centre in Israel, who have refined an approach to supporting families with very young autistic children to build safe, nurturing relationships and unlock their development potential, as we are also seeking to do.  One of our long term goals will be to create our own Intensive Autism Centre, to work with families with autistic children to help their parents to truly understand their needs and to be able to affirm and support them as individuals, so that they may grow up in an optimal environment conducive to their optimal well-being and development.

This is the sort of change that an intensive autism centre with the right approach can bring about.

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Read our ground-breaking book by our founder about how they learnt to optimally nurture their autistic son.

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