What We Do

What We Do

In Essence, the above chart shows what we are aiming to accomplish over the coming years.  We are beginning with a 3-phase strategy to deliver the key parts of this as described below.

Our focus is on Early Intervention and the profound lifelong changes that can be made if the right sort of care and support is given to children as young as possible.  We also offer a distinctive and empowering conception of autism (see our TED talk), which has been extremely well-received by the autistic community and watched by 120,000 people.  It forms the basis and the philosophy behind all the services that we are planning to launch.



We're beginning with simple but critical services to families aimed at helping them to better understand the needs that their autistic children are expressing and respond to them in a way that truely addresses them.  The result will be stronger relationships based on trust and a safe environment for the child, allowing their anxiety to reduce and for them to spend more of their valuable energies on opportunities to progress their personal development rather than on coping with adversity.

These services will consist of:

    • Home Support
    • Parent Groups
    • An expansion of our webinar programme

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We're already putting the building blocks in place for this revolutionary comprehensive online portal of guidance and support on all aspects of bringing up autistic children.

It's an ambitious project and will involve huge work, consultation and parental involvement, but the result will be the creation of a lifeline of support that is sadly missing altogether for most families with autistic children.

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Israel's Mifne Centre has been transforming lives of very young children for more than 30 years.  It's an intensive and life-changing programme that we want to make available in the UK for the first time.

Click below to find out what sort of profound changes we are looking to bring about with this unique and powerful treatment.

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