Parent Webinars

We are inviting parents of young autistic children up to about aged 10 to join our free online webinars, where they can learn about an aspect of life bringing up an autistic child, and have an opportunity to ask questions to our experienced therapists.

Thanks so much for your patience:  our webinars have been paused for a while but we're nw working on a new series of micro-webinars on the theme Transforming Lives Through Play.

This is a series of 10 webinars, which we're planning to start releasing later in the summer.  There'll also be longer Q&A sessions for parents to join live and discuss the themes of this webinar series.

Watch this space for more details.

Previous Webinar - on Strengthening Communication & Language Development.

Watch more webinars here

Meet Our Therapists

Andrew Shahan

Kendall Cygan

Andrew Shahan, MA is an autism and child development specialist based in San Francisco, California, USA. He has spent the last 30 years working with and learning from children with autism and their families in early intervention programs, healthcare organizations, schools and university-based research programs.

Andrew coaches parents and professionals to support children’s communication, social and emotional development during everyday interactions. He has deep trust in the power of families to impact their children’s development.


Kendall Cygan is yearning to spread her knowledge and expertise with the parents of autistic children. She hopes to provide them with support in their journey of raising a child with autism. Her goal is to share and give skills, tips, and strategies to better help their situation.

Kendall incorporates her energy and humour into her webinars and brings in a positive, upbeat atmosphere. She enjoys conversing with the parents and providing them with a safe place to share their thoughts.


We have started to build up a resource bank of recordings of these webinars that will become an invaluable resource to parents as they navigate life with their autistic children.

Click here to watch them

You can find out more about Transforming Autism by browsing this site or reading our brochure.