Join A Parent Webinar

We are inviting parents of young autistic children to participate in free online webinars, where they can ask questions concerning their children to our experienced therapists.

Our next webinar is on Friday 14th December at 10.30 am, with the therapist Kendall Cygan.   It will be on the theme Managing the Christmas Holidays.  If you would like to join this webinar and ask a question to Kendal, please contact asap, letting him know what question you would like to ask.  He will then send you joining instructions.

Find out more about Transforming Autism by browsing this site or reading our brochure.

Our first webinar from Friday 7th December - Communicating With Your Child

Over time, we will build up a resource bank of recordings of these webinars that will become a comprehensive and invaluable resource to parents as they navigate life with their children.

There will be a maximum of 8 participants per webiner (a couple counts as a single participant),  offered on a first come first served basis,  so that we are able to really focus on their specific questions.

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