Watch Transforming Autism Webinars

Please feel free to watch any of our past webinars.  We usually have 2 sessions in the same week for each topic, with different therapists presenting.  This library is updated as new webinars take place.

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Please Note:  Although our therapists are selected as they resonate and are inspired by our approach to autism, any advice or opinions that they offer remain their own and do not necessarily reflect those fo the charity.

Building a Strong Relationship with your Autistic Child

Tues 9th July, 2019 - with Andrew Shahan

Click here for a copy of the presentation used

Fri 12th July, 2019 - with Kendall Cygan

Click here for a copy of the presentation 

Food Issues

Tues 21st May, 2019 - with Andrew Shahan

Fri 14th June, 2019 - with Kendall Cygan and Zuzana Camm

Preparing for the Easter Holidays

Tues 2nd April, 2019 - with Andrew Shahan

Fri 5th April, 2019 - with Kendall Cygan

"Challenging" Behaviour

Tues 12th March, 2019 - with Andrew Shahan

Fri 15th March, 2019 - with Kendall Cygan

Pilot Webinar - Communicating with your Child

Fri 7th Dec, 2018 - with Kendall Cygan

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