Trustee Role Profile

The Transforming Autism Project is seeking a new Trustee to join its board.

Our Organisation

The Transforming Autism Project is a new and ambitious charity organisation offering an empowering and inspiring understanding of autism and focusing on the power of very early intervention to transform lives.

Our key goals are to provide life-changing treatment for young autistic children, and provide distinctive meaningful support to their parents and carers. Our Founder and CEO, Guy Shahar’s TED Talk outlines our approach to autism and gives some details on the treatment we will offer.

Our initial projects are:
1. Our first specialist Early Intervention clinic in the South East of England (based on the pioneering Mifne Clinic in Israel)
2. A unique comprehensive online Portal to support parents or carers in all aspects of bringing up their autistic children.
3. A global awareness campaign on the importance of Early Intervention
4. (longer term) The development of an autism awareness programme for schools, drawing on all other strands of our activities.

We have a strong set of values that define our culture, and which we strive to adhere to at all times. They are based around the themes of Unconditional Respect, Courage and Purpose.

For an introductory brochure outlining our purpose and activities as a charity, and more details on these values, please click here.

The Person and the Role

First and foremost, you will believe in the huge potential within each autistic child, and will deeply resonate with our mission, our values and our particular understanding of and approach to autism. You will feel inspired by these and invested in them, and motivated to bring into your life a passion and inner commitment to help realise them, and thereby to act as a natural ambassador for the charity in the wider community.

You are likely to have extensive personal experience of at least one (ideally both) of charity work/governance and autism.  A large relevant personal network and an ability to fundraise would be very extremely beneficial.

Given our current stage of development, it is important for us all to work closely together towards a common goal of success of the charity. Therefore, this is not the sort of Trustee role that requires turning up for the occasional meeting, delivering a few actions and dealing with a few emails. We need our Trustees to be fully integrated and invested in the charity and actively dedicated to its success. You will therefore form an active part of our team (currently at around 25 volunteers) in a capacity we can discuss and decide on together.

You will also be dedicated to consistently positive and mutually affirming relationships with the charity Executive – based on trust, openness, transparency, true partnership and consistent mutual support and positive regard. You will take joint ownership of ensuring the success of such relationships.

Beyond the specific duties of a trustee (outlined below), you will have a specific expertise to bring to the Board. Some examples would be fundraising, a professional specialism in infant autism, legal, or accountancy (for a Treasurer position). You will be expected to be more actively involved in this area of the charity, providing active guidance and support, and if necessary, leadership, to its operations as well as maintaining objective oversight of its needs and capabilities in this area.

Trustee Duties

The description above gives the key information about the person we are looking for and their anticipated participation in the charity.  This section outlines some standard responsibilities of a Trustee.

You will form part of the Trustee Board, which will collectively take full responsibility for:

  • Ensuring that the Charity complies with its governing document, organisation law, and any other relevant legislation or regulations and pursues its objectives as defined in its governing document;
  • Together with the CEO, setting a clear strategic direction for the Charity, setting overall policy, defining goals & objectives and evaluating performance;
  • Ensuring outstanding governance and efficient administration throughout the Charity;
  • Ensuring the financial stability of the Charity through continuous monitoring and the provision of financial controls, and to ensure the proper investment of funds;
  • Safeguarding the Charity’s good name and ensuring its values permeate its internal activities and public image;
  • Being a visible and engaged leadership presence in the Charity’s team, including where necessary representing the Charity at functions and meetings as appropriate;
  • Ensuring robust employment procedures and charity policies and other governance (working with the HR team);
  • Ensuring that the Charity is properly insured against all reasonable liabilities;
  • Being collectively responsible for the actions of the Charity and other trustees;
  • Declaring any conflict of interest on your own part or on that of any other Board member upon becoming aware of it.

It should be noted that this is not an exhaustive list of responsibilities.

The Transforming Autism Project is dedicated to helping create a world where all people are valued and treated according to their inner essential humanity rather than according to the many labels that each of us could wear (or that could be attached to us). We are thus naturally an equal opportunities organisation.

To apply, please e-mail your CV and a short covering letter to: