Child Psychotherapists Needed

Lead support sessions for parents (could be paid), and help us to establish a transformative treatment for very young children with autism, based on the principles of Attunement and Containment

With future opportunities for training and employment

Our goal at Transforming Autism is to intervene very early where there is autism and to unlock the true potential of autistic children.  For more details on our approach to and perspectives on autism, please see our TED talk and our selection of articles.


Our Plans

Our initial objectives are as follows:

  • To create a clinic (based on Israel’s successful Mifne Clinic) treating very young autistic children.
  • To provide online and virtual support sessions to guide parents to understand the true potential of their autistic children and to promote that in how they behave towards them.
  • To launch an awareness campaign on the potential of early intervention.
  • To launch a comprehensive online portal of support and guidance for parents and carers
  • To develop a unique autism awareness training programme for school teachers and SENCOs.

Our current introductory brochure gives much more detail on each of these.


Who we are Looking For

Qualified or nearly-qualified child psychotherapists or child psychologists to deliver support Webinars for parents, answering their questions (there is the possibility that this will later lead to face-to-face visits may be paid engagements) and/or to support all aspects of our work as part of our exceptional volunteer team.  They may also put themselves forward for consideration to be employed as child-psychotherapists at our Mifne Clinic once the location is decided.

Additionally, any people with a strong personal or professional interest in autism (perhaps autism parents) to join our team of volunteers bringing our vision into reality.  We need support in all areas – in the creation of the clinic, the development of the awareness campaign and the Hub,  the creation of our distinctive schools’ programme, and of course in our fundraising.  Some of our key needs are here, but please get in touch also if you are just interested or if you would prefer to be one of our Supporters who arranges fundraising events to donate to us.


The Mifne Clinic

We are working with the pioneering Mifne Clinic in Israel, which has transformed the lives of hundreds of autistic children from as young as a few months old up to toddlers for the past 30 years.  Together, we will bring to the UK this compassionate method that respects and builds on each child’s inner-resources and natural interest in the world, and evokes the best within them.

A 3-week family-based intensive treatment at the clinic opens up new unsuspected possibilities for the child and equips parents (with ongoing supervision) to continue treatment as part of the child’s life.

The Clinic has treated hundreds of children and their families with excellent results (Apter et al., 2001) (Alonim et al., 2004, 2011, 2010, 2007).



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This news report from Israel TV follows one family during their visit to Mifne to show their transformation.