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We're looking for Child-Psychotherapists/ Psychologists specialising in autism

Volunteering and Employment opportunities

Our goal at Transforming Autism is to intervene very early for autistic children and to unlock their true potential.  Our distinctive and empowering perspective on autism, is introduced in our TED talk (see video) and in our extensive selection of articles. You can also read our detailed introductory brochure.

Our work is not about behaviour modification.  Uniquely, we focus on relationships and emphasise the importance of truly recognising the needs that autistic children are communicating to us, and responding to them in a way that makes them feel safe, looked after and reduces their anxiety, resulting in happier, more balanced children who can use their valuable energies to focus on their own growth, development and resilience rather than on having to deal with unnecessary adversity.

Details of each of our services is below.  Our Webinars (see below) have proved to be of extremely high-quality, as we are lucky to have had some excellent therapists to contribute to them.  We'd love to re-launch these webinars now.  They are to be delivered as part of a volunteer effort for the charity, though having done so, some therapists will go on to deliver our Family Services (on a paid basis), which have been developed with Norland College, who have created a therapeutic framework for them.  A successful pilot took place in the autumn and we're looking forward to launching the full services in the Spring or early Summer (2022).

Our longer-term goal is to bring Israel's ground-breaking Mifne Centre to the UK.

All of our therapists should resonate with our perspective on autism and the associated developmental approach, as this is at the heart of our charity.  They should also be able to communicate effectively, clearly and simply with parents and others.

Read more about our services below and in the links provided, and then Register your interest in joining us.



This series of Webinars for parents, gives them guidance and answers their questions on various aspects of bringing up their children.

We're now looking to re-launch and expand these.  We're looking to augment the webinars themselves with:

A recent Webinar - on Building Strong Relationships

Watch more webinars here

Recorded Q&A Sessions

  • In-Depth Interviews with a therapist about particular topics
  • Semo sessions dedicated to a single family's situation
  • Guest-therapists to present occasional webinars

There is an immediate need for therapists who resonate deeply with our approach to autism to join us to contribute to and lead these.  Videos of the sessions will be made available so you will also be able to use them as part of your showcase.

Family Services

Our current priority is to establish individual heart-based developmental support to autistic children in their homes, and eventually to parents in several closed parent support groups which we are looking to set up in the areas around where our therapists are based.

We're on the verge of launching these now and to deliver them, we're looking for Child Psychotherapists and Occupational Therapists who resonate deeply with what we're about and who have strong experience of working with young autistic children and their families.

Find out more about our Family Services.

The Mifne Centre

Our approach to autism is based on that of the pioneering Mifne Clinic in Israel, who we have been in discussions with and which has transformed the lives of hundreds of autistic children from as young as a few months old up to toddlers for the past 30 years (including the son of our CEO).  Together, we hope to bring to the UK this compassionate attachment-based method that respects and builds on each child’s inner-resources and natural interest in the world, and evokes the best within them.

A 3-week family-based intensive treatment at the clinic opens up new unsuspected possibilities for the child and equips parents (with ongoing supervision) to continue treatment as part of the child’s life.

The Clinic has treated hundreds of children and their families with excellent results (Apter et al., 2001) (Alonim et al., 2004, 2011, 2010, 2007).

Find out more about our Mifne Centre.



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This news report from Israel TV follows one family during their visit to Mifne to show their transformation.