Child Psychotherapists Needed

Child-Psychotherapists/Psychologists specialising in autism needed for our volunteer team

Plus opportunities for paid services

Our goal at Transforming Autism is to intervene very early in instances of autism and to unlock the true potential of autistic children.  For more details on our approach to and perspectives on autism, please see our TED talk and our selection of articles, or read our detailed introductory brochure.

In the first instance, our emphasis will be on building our parent services, starting with our Webinars (see below) and psychotherapy services for autistic children and their parents (see below).

We are also working to create a unique and comprehensive Autism Parenting Hub of online support, covering all that parents could possibly need to know in their journey bringing up their autistic child in a trust-worthy, well-researched and easily accessible and assimilable way.  We will also need therapists to input their expertise and research skills to this.

Our key long-term goal for which we will need therapists, is to bring the pioneering intensive early intervention Mifne Method - based on the principles of Attachment and Containment - to the UK in our own Centre.  There are more details about this below.  Once we begin the process of establishing our own Mifne Centre, we will be looking to take on a number of therapists to be sent to Israel for training and then given full time employment working in the Centre.

All of our therapists should resonate with the approach that is used at Mifne, as it is at the heart of our charity. 

You could bring your invaluable expertise as therapists with hands-on experience of working with autistic children to help us develop all of these life-changing projects, or to input more generally into making our vision successful.



Our new series of Webinars for parents, answers their questions on various aspects of bringing up their children (there is the possibility that this will later lead to face-to-face visits to parent groups, which could be paid engagements).

In addition to our excellent current therapists, we need more who resonate deeply with our approach to autism to lead these webinars.  You can watch the webinars we have conducted so far here.

Our latest Webinar - on Building a Strong Relationship with your Autistic Child.

Watch more webinars here

There is an immediate need for therapists to volunteer to contribute to and lead these.  Videos of the sessions will be made available so you will also be able to use them as part of your showcase.

Psychotherapy Services

Our next step will be to establish individual heart-based developmental support to autistic children in their homes, and to parents in several closed parent support groups which we are looking to set up in the areas around where our therapists are based.

Once therapists have participated in the webinars, they will then have the opportunity to be considered for this work, which will be paid.

The approach will be consistent with that adopted in our webinars and articles and with the principles of the Mifne Method.

The Mifne Centre

Our approach to autism is based on that of the pioneering Mifne Clinic in Israel, who we are working with and which has transformed the lives of hundreds of autistic children from as young as a few months old up to toddlers for the past 30 years.  Together, we will bring to the UK this compassionate method that respects and builds on each child’s inner-resources and natural interest in the world, and evokes the best within them.

A 3-week family-based intensive treatment at the clinic opens up new unsuspected possibilities for the child and equips parents (with ongoing supervision) to continue treatment as part of the child’s life.

The Clinic has treated hundreds of children and their families with excellent results (Apter et al., 2001) (Alonim et al., 2004, 2011, 2010, 2007).



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This news report from Israel TV follows one family during their visit to Mifne to show their transformation.