Survey – Confident Autism Parenting – Post Programme

Thank you for agreeing to complete this survey. As someone who has been through our Confident Autism Parenting programme, the results of this survey will help us understand how we have helped you while tailoring the course to the needs of the parents.

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1. How did you hear about The Transforming Autism Project’s services?
2. To what extent does your child feel understood? (1 being not at all, 5 being all of the time)
3. How would you rate your child's ability to manage their feelings?
4. How would you rate your child's ability to play
5. How would you rate your child's ability to communicate?
6. Do you feel as though you understand your child's experience?
7. Do you understand how to reduce and prevent stressful situations for your child?
8. Has the service helped you to understand your child better?
9. Has the service given you any tools to help you move forward in your relationship with your child?
10. To what extent were the topics covered relevant to you?
11. Was the duration and/or frequency sufficient?
12. How likely are you to recommend this service to another family?
13. To what extent has your sense of community and belonging improved since participating in the programme?
14. Have you acquired new ways of enjoying and relating to your child?
15. Have you set and achieved your family goals?
16. To what extent do you feel confident about the subject matter discussed?
17. To what extent do you utilise things you learned in the programme in day-to day life?
18. In which areas do you report improvements since completing the programme: (please select those applicable)