Become a Supporter of Transforming Autism

Mifne Building
As we launch our brand new and exciting project to bring the Mifne Centre to the UK to transform the lives of infants with autism in ways that would otherwise be inconceivable, we need as many keen hands to support us as possible.
Please consider joining our new Supporters Group for people who are passionate about what we are trying to achieve and interested in helping us to do it - whether that be through spreading awareness, raising money, connecting us with the right people to open doors for us, or joining our team to help us drive the effort.
When you sign up in the box below, you will receive occasional updates related to how our Mifne Project is going and what help we currently need, so that you can respond as and when feels possible.  And if you keep us updated on any activities you are doing in our support, you can help us to inspire others by sharing your efforts.
Below are some ways you can help us as a Supporter.  Please also sign up in the box below to get updates on how best to help.

Raise Money

Organise fundraising events such as sponsored challenges (like travelling around Europe, parachuting, fasting, etc) or income generating conferences, parties, concerts, etc.

We can share your efforts with the whole group - along with photos and results, which will in turn inspire others.

Use Your Network

Help us to reach the people we really need to reach - whether that be specialist team members, particular individuals (such as celebrities with a connection to autism who we can interview for our website and also inspire to become ambassadors) or others.  

We can keep you informed of our needs so you best know how to help - or you may have your own ideas!!

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Join Our Team

You may have just the skills we need to be able to make progress with this project.  

Again, we can keep you informed of our needs, and you can also browse our Join Us page.

Spread the Word

Let as many people know about what we are up to and inspire them to get involved in any of the above ways.  You never know what else they might be able to offer - we might find opportunities for key members of our team to come and speak and present to reach many more people or raise money from them.