Transforming Autism Services

As a new charity, we are just now looking to introduce our first direct services,  Please see below for what we are wanting to provide.  You may also want to check out our existing online resources.

Our pioneering new FIRST STEPS programme - the first of our Family Services - is now available for families with very young autistic children (or those showing signs of autism). 

As well as working with the child, our therapists also work closely with parents/caregivers to give them the foundational support and understanding required to build secure and trusting relationships with their autistic child.

Webinars for parents led by our exceptional child psychotherapists on aspects of bringing up an autistic child.  Focusing, like the family services, on building that critical trust-based relationship with them.

One of our webinars

IN PLANNING - A totally transformative early intervention centre for very young children (up to age 2), based on Israel's revolutionary and successful Mifne Centre.  This is a long-term ambition for the charity, but here is an early peak at what it's all about.