Role Profile: Strategy & Improvement

The Transforming Autism Project is seeking a volunteer to join our team to input into our Strategy and Improvement.

Our Organisation

The Transforming Autism Project is a brand-new charity focusing on very early intervention for children with autism with a view to making transformative life-long changes that would not be possible later.  We challenge the traditional understanding of autism and propose an inspiring, hopeful and truly empowering perspective.  For more details, see our TED talk.

We are planning a revolutionary new early intervention autism clinic based on Israel’s pioneering Mifne Centre (see one family’s story here), and also a comprehensive online Hub of resources and inspiration for parents and carers of autistic children.

To find out more about our goals, values and activities, please view our brochure.

Although we are currently new and very small, we will need to grow quickly in order to make progress towards our large-scale goals.  We are therefore – through our wonderful volunteers - building a strong professional team so that we can put the infrastructure in place to have the scope to generate and cope with rapid growth.


Role Purpose

The Strategy and Improvement team will be a very important part of the organisation, responsible for keeping a constantly fresh eye on the structure, workings and strategy of the charity, with a view to suggesting and implementing major and minor changes.


Key Duties

This role can be shaped around the right person, but some key elements are:

  •  To ensure that the charity is consistently functioning optimally by identifying and calling out any activity at which we could be doing better, and to proposing alternatives.
  •  To identify, initiate and where necessary lead projects necessary to be undertaken to improve any area of the charity’s performance.
  •  To facilitate constant improvement by contributing to our vision and working collaboratively with the appropriate teams to devise roadmaps to get there, overseeing and supporting their progress to ensure success.
  •  To provide support and direction to team leads and others on the best ways to support their teams and the charity.
  •  To identify gaps in the charity’s capabilities and to optimise our existing resources to fill those gaps to the maximum extent possible.
  •  To bring radical thinking to continuously improve and, where necessary, transform the charity’s structure, processes, relationships and behaviour.
  •  To work closely with the CEO and sometimes the Trustees on developing charity strategy and on finding ways forward on issues facing the charity


The Person

A very strong understanding/experience of how organisations work and how best to optimise their effectiveness is critical, and ideally this will be of Charities in particular.  The role may be combined with the Charity Advisor role for someone with a Charities Background if we agree this is applicable.  It will need someone who can keep a fresh birds eye view of how everything fits together, but who is also not afraid to "get their hands dirty" and work with other members of the team to actually make things happen.  It should also be someone who is passionate about our goals and who strongly resonates with them.

We are a strongly values-driven organisation, and are committed to manifesting our values in how we relate to each other, in what we are trying to achieve and in how we do it.  You will be in complete resonance with these and dedicated to bringing them into all of your work and interactions.

To find out more about our values, please see our brochure or visit


How Many Hours?

This is flexible and can be discussed, however for a key role such as this, our experience is that it requires at a minimum at least 10 hours or so spread through the week.


The Transforming Autism Project is dedicated to helping create a world where all people are valued and treated according to their inner essential humanity rather than according to the many labels that each of us could wear (or that could be attached to us). We are thus naturally an equal opportunities organisation.

To apply, please e-mail your CV and a short covering letter to: