Role Profile: Campaigns Lead

The Transforming Autism Project is seeking a volunteer to join our team as our new Campaigns Lead.

Our Organisation

The Transforming Autism Project is a brand-new charity focusing on very early intervention for children with autism with a view to making transformative life-long changes that would not be possible later.  We challenge the traditional understanding of autism and propose an inspiring, hopeful and truly empowering perspective.  For more details, see our TED talk.

We are planning a revolutionary new early intervention autism clinic based on Israel’s pioneering Mifne Centre (see one family’s story here), and also a comprehensive online Hub of resources and inspiration for parents and carers of autistic children.

To find out more about our goals, values and activities, please view our brochure.

Although we are currently new and very small, we will need to grow quickly in order to make progress towards our large-scale goals.  We are therefore – through our wonderful volunteers – building a strong professional team so that we can put the infrastructure in place to have the scope to generate and cope with rapid growth.


Role Purpose

Our Awareness Campaigning team sits within Marketing, but is in itself one of our key deliverables as a charity, and one that we can embark on immediately.   As such, it is critical for us to begin to establish some really strong Campaigns from now.

This role will be to oversee our Campaigns and Campaigns Team and create and execute a strategy that will maximise their reach, impact and effectiveness for parents of autistic children.

(Please also apply if you are interested in supporting our Campaigns, but not as the Lead – and state this when you write).


Key Duties

The creation of a strong long-term Campaign strategy will be the key starting point in this role, and will include:

  • Planning a Campaigns roadmap
  • Creation of compelling, well researched campaigns
  • Ensuring campaigns remain consistent, coherent and impactful across all strands of work
  • Helping to ensure maximum and increasing reach for our campaigns
  • Supporting other functions with scheduled campaigns (e.g. fundraising, recruitment, etc)
  • Managing the creation of campaign materials and monitoring budget where necessary

It is envisaged that there will eventually be several members of the Campaigns team, as campaigning demand and capacity grows (currently there is one other member).  The Campaigns Lead role will also involve nurturing the other team members, as well as working with Recruitment to source new members of the team where necessary.


The Person

We are a strongly values-driven organisation, and are committed to manifesting our values in how we relate to each other, in what we are trying to achieve and in how we do it.  You will be in complete resonance with these and dedicated to bringing them into all of your work and interactions.

To find out more about our values, please see our brochure or visit


How Many Hours?

This is flexible and can be discussed, however for a role such as this, our experience is that it requires ideally 8-10 hours or so spread through the week.


The Transforming Autism Project is dedicated to helping create a world where all people are valued and treated according to their inner essential humanity rather than according to the many labels that each of us could wear (or that could be attached to us). We are thus naturally an equal opportunities organisation.

To apply, please e-mail your CV and a short covering letter to: