News – Partnership with Norland College

23 February 2021

Transforming Autism is working with Norland College and collaborating on a research project which will develop a therapeutic framework and a monitoring and evaluation system for our new Family Services.

Specialist child therapists will visit the homes of families with young autistic children and not only work with the child, but also to support the parents/family to truly understand the needs that the child is expressing.  This is to equip them to respond towards their children in ways that make them feel safe and looked-after.

The intended result is a home environment that is truly conducive to children's optimal development along with strong, authentic trust-based relationships between parent and child.  We believe that this will give the children the best possible prospects for the future in all ways.

These services are being supported by Norland College, who are developing a therapeutic framework to ensure that our Family Services are strongly science-based.  We are hoping to enroll the first families to begin the service after Easter.

If you would be interested in participating, please email

We are currently operating within reasonable traveling distance of Twickenham in South West London and Amersham in Buckinghamshire, as well as in Jersey.