Norland Attribution

The First Steps – An Early Autism Family Support Programme was developed by Dr Theodora Papatheodorou, Research Fellow/Manager at Norland, and Dr Amy Prescott, Research Fellow at Brunel University, with the support of an advisory panel consisting of:

  • Dhakshini Patel – Integrated Child Psychotherapist, Transforming Autism
  • Zuzana Camm – Child Psychotherapist and Advanced DIRFloortime Practitioner and Coach, Transforming Autism
  • Jane Yates – Integrative Child and Adolescent Psychotherapeutic Counsellor, Transforming Autism
  • Aaliya Mavani – Paediatric Occupational Therapist, Transforming Autism
  • Giora Shayngesicht – Developmental Therapist and Supervisor, Mifne Center, Israel
  • Dr Susanna Towers – Autism expert and parent of an autistic child
  • Shaun and Sharon Halloran – Parents of an autistic child
  • Sarah McDonald – Programme coordinator

The programme reflects the inspirational vision of Guy Sahar, CEO of Transforming Autism, to offer very rarely available services and support for young autistic children and their parents, and the commitment of Dr Janet Rose, Principal of Norland and eminent academic and researcher, for Norland to pursue research that directly impacts on children, their families and their communities.