The Mifne Centre

Mifne Building

For 30 years, the Mifne Centre in northern Israel has been treating ever younger toddlers (currently up to the age of 2) with the unique and powerful method which they have devised and evolved, and which we are working to bring to the UK.

At its core, this is about engaging the child in communicative activities, by first providing a safe environment for them and then evoking their natural and innate sense of trust and of wanting to be part of the world around them, at an age before they properly detach from it.

It is about giving the child a very real sense that everything is okay whatever is going on around them; that they can manage; that there is nothing terrible to be afraid of even if things seem to be going wrong; and thereby alleviating the deep anxiety that is at the heart of why autistic children do tend to separate themselves from their surroundings.

Report from Israel TV News showing how one family was transformed at the Mifne Centre there:

Our book tells the story of Guy Shahar's visit to Mifne with his son, Daniel.  It details how the therapy worked for transformed Daniel's their family's life.

It is a parent/family/carer-led approach, and depends on a suitable physical and (more importantly) emotional environment being created around the child in their home.  The 3 week-intensive clinic treatment (for one family at a time) is an immersive start to this programme in which the whole family is coached to be able to create this environment.

The method is tremendously successful, with over 88% of children treated there since 2012 ending up being educated in mainstream schools, mostly without any support requirement.

This is the treatment that we will be offering at our own UK-based Transforming Austism Mifne Clinic, and it will be closely supervised by the clinic in Israel.

More about the treatment is outlined in Guy's TED talk, and expanded on in much more detail in his book, Transforming Autism.  You can also read more about their approach at their website.