Role Profile – Fundraiser

The Transforming Autism Project is seeking fundraisers to help us raise money for our ongoing costs.

Our Organisation

The Transforming Autism Project is a brand-new charity focusing on very early intervention for autistic children. Our goal is to truly transform lives through:

  • Family services in parent groups, in the home and online,
  • A unique Autism Parenting Hub of comprehensive guidance, support & community and,
  • Through our life-changing Mifne Treatment Centre (details here) We also challenge conventional perceptions of autism and offer our own radical and empowering perspective.

This can be seen in our TED talk, which has now been viewed by 100,000 people and received great acclaim from the autistic community.

What is distinctive about our approach is that it focuses of facilitating a strong relationship between child and parents, based on understanding and trust, as a primary means of reducing anxiety and giving the child a real feeling of being looked after, so that they can focus more of their energies on realising their potential, rather than managing anxiety.

We are currently at a very early stage in our development, and are trying to raise the money to launch our first phase of family services over the coming months. To that end, we are looking to create a team of capable and dedicated volunteers to ensure our success.

To find out more about our goals, values and plans, please view our brochure.

The Person and the Role

In order to launch our family services by our target of late Spring, we need to raise £95k, and we are currently just starting on that effort. We are looking for fundraisers who can help us in one (or more) of the following areas:


We have just started applying to the very small trusts and are looking to move on to bigger ones soon. The more expertise, guidance, support and hands-on we can have in this area the better.We are looking for fundraisers who have some understanding of creating successful results through one or more of these channels and most importantly a passion for what we are trying to achieve and a determination to make it possible.


We really need to establish a base of supporters, regular donations and pro-active fundraising, but currently have no idea how to build this up. We are also keen to get some Crowdfunding campaigns going – one for our initial family services would be ideal.


This is another area we could make good use of at this point to drive funding for our initial services, and later our Hub and Mifne projects.


This is an area where we would like to start growing roots too, as they will be most useful when we come to phases 2 (the Hub) and 3 (Mifne) of our plans. There are a few more details about what our planned family services are at

Person Specification

You will be passionate about the changes we are trying to make and their impact in the world of autistic children.

You will be a natural at generating interest in what we are doing and converting that into donations. You will be constantly looking for new ways to promote the charity and expand its reach and fundraising potential. You will possess the confidence, positivity and determination to achieve your goals.

We are a strongly values-driven organisation, and are committed to manifesting our values in how we relate to each other, in what we are trying to achieve and in how we do it. Our values come under 3 core headings:

  • Unconditional Respect.
    • Kindness
    • Trust-based collaboration
    • Responsivity
  • Courage
    • Pioneering big thinking
    • Ambition
    • Perspectives, not positions
  • Purpose
    • Positive approach
    • Ownership
    • Continuous learning and improvement

Next Steps

The Transforming Autism Project value diversity and we're committed to creating an inclusive culture where everyone is able to be themselves and to reach their full potential.

To apply, please e-mail a copy of your CV to To find out more about the Transforming Autism Project, please visit: