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Now that we are finally registered as an official UK charity, we are looking to significantly expand our team to enable us to go full speed ahead in preparing our UK Mifne Clinic for launch, in raising awareness of the possibilities and importance of Early Intervnetion in autism, and in establishing our comprehensive online Hub, as well as creating an innovative and distinctive autism awareness programme for schools.

We welcome hearing from anyone who would be interested in joining our team, however our key volunteer needs now are for the roles in the table below.  Please write to us at to register your interest.

Our Key Roles

Click the links for details (if there is no link, please write to us direct).


External Affairs

  • External Affairs Lead (or Assistant Lead)
  • Network & Relationships Specialist
  • Researchers and Research Co-ordinator
  • Events Managers
  • Policy Specialists








  • Information Security Officer


  • Recruiters
  • Enagagement Specialist
  • Organisational Development Specialist

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