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This is an exciting time to join great our team of volunteers as we look to prepare for the launch of our first family services in 2020, to expand our webinar programme and to then take forward our very ambitious Autism Parenting Hub.  Finally, we are planning to bring our own Mifne Centre in the UK!!

You can find out more about us in our brochure.

We are interested in hearing from anyone who feels they have any skills they could offer on a voluntary basis, and our most pressing needs are listed below.

So, please join us to help us to redefine autism, to give parents desperately needed support and to push for earlier identification and intervention in autism!!

Our Current Top Needs

Some of these contain links to role profiles - for others, just get in touch and we can discuss the details.  If you are interested in joining us as a volunteer, please send a CV to along with a cover letter highlighting why you would like to volunteer with us, and any connection to autism (personal or professional) you may have (it is not necessary to have a personal connection, but we like to know).

As a remote working team, our volunteer interviews are conducted by telephone or video call. If you require any adjustments to be made to make it easier for you to speak with us about becoming a volunteer, please let us know when you apply.

You can find out how we manage and process your personal data in our privacy policy