Interviews on Early Intervention

We have started conducting a series of interviews with prominent autism specialists and influencers who have contributed significantly to promoting early identification of and intervention in autism.  Here are the first 2 interviews.  More will be added soon.

Professor Simon Baron-Cohen

Professor Simon Baron-Cohen is a world-renowned developmental psychologist, author and researcher, specialising in autism.  He is President of the International Society for Autism Research and Director of the Autism Research Centre at Cambridge University.

He speaks to us here about Early Intervention, a lost generation, the experiences of girls with autism when it comes to diagnosis, and what parents can do to identify autism early and help their children.



The Full Interview Along With Further Clips Will Appear Here Around the End of January.


Importance of Early Intervention (1:19)

A Lost Generation (5.01)

Diagnosis - Boys vs Girls (4.43)

Prospects for Early Intervention (1:57)

Find out more about Professor Baron-Cohen's current work at the Autism Research Centre website.

Gina Davies

Gina Davies is a speech and language therapist and trainer who has developed a remarkable and compassionate method of evoking the potential of very young children with autism to live more balanced and integrated lives. In this conversation, she discusses the cornerstones of her method.


Why to approach autistic children differently (1:07)

The Importance of Early Intervention (1:34)

Why Early Intervention is so urgent (1:07)

Advice for Parents (1:58)

Gina Davies is a renowned speech and language therapist and trainer, and founder of the Gina Davies Autism Centre.

Professor Jonathan Green

Jonathan Green, Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at the University of Manchester, has pioneered ground-breaking research into early intervention in autism, and has created the PACT approach, focussing on training parents to bring out the best in their children. Here, he discusses his approach with us.


The Importance of Early Intervention (0:55)

Parental Involvement in Therapy (0:54)

What needs to change (1:09)

Advice for Parents (1:45)

Jonathan Green is Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, University of Manchester and Manchester Academic Health Sciences Centre and a Hon Consultant, Royal Manchester Childrens Hospital. His PACT (Pre-School Autism Communications Trial)  approach to early intervention focuses on training the parents to bring out the best in their autistic children.  Training for professionals is also available.  Find out more about his work at the PACT website.

Cheryl Gillan MP

Cheryl Gillan MP is a member of the British Parliament at Westminster, and chairs the All Party Parliamentary Group on Autism (APPGA).  She talks to us about her thoughts on autism policy and how this may develop.

Coming Soon - An interview with Carole Buckley, former Clinical Champion for Autism at the Royal College of GPs.