Help Us Perfect Our Unique Online Hub for Autism Parents

As you may already know, one of the key services that Transforming Autism will be developing over the coming months is a new online Hub.

This is the resource that those of us who started Transforming Autism had wished to have from the start of our own journey with an autistic child. It will carefully guide parents by the hand through all aspects of life bringing up an autistic child – giving them tried and tested guidance in whatever area is of concern to them at the time so that they don’t have to painfully re-invent the wheel every time they need anything.  It will also facilitate a sense of community through conversations, forums and much more.

We need help to get this just right and ensure that it truly meets your needs. Luckily, we are delighted and very fortunate to have the support of Accenture Interactive to help us shape the early stages of defining the Hub.

To progress, we’re calling out for the help of parents & carers of autistic children to support our research activity:

  1. Would you be willing to be interviewed by phone for 45 min to share your experience and your journeys with Autism. The information gathered will help to get a real understanding of the main issues parents face, and therefore to best design and shape the hub.
  2. Would you be willing to join us for a co-creation workshop at the Accenture offices in Central London (Bank) on Friday 27th of September between 10am and 1pm to be a part of designing together what the hub might finally look and feel like?  We want to do this to ensure that the Hub experience offers you what parents really need. The Accenture team will lead the workshop and ask questions, and you would only be required to give open and honest answers and to offer feedback on any suggestions they make.

If you are interested in participating to either or both of these options please let the Accenture Team know here, and they will get back to you with more details. We would love to work together with you on this exciting venture!