Heartfulness Meditation


Why are we talking about Meditation?

Guy and his wife had already been practising Heartfulness meditation for about 10 years before their son was born, and they consider it the single biggest resource they had in maintaining their balance (as much as could have been possible) during those early years.  It was also critical to them later on when they were striving to provide a calm and balanced environment for him to aid his development.

Heartfulness could be a potential life-line for anyone struggling to manage the practical or emotional challenges they face in trying to optimally bring up an autistic child, or with any aspect of life, or simply with a sense that there is something more that they want to find.


Why Heartfulness?

Heartfulness is a simple system of meditation that aims to induce a condition of permanent contentment within those who regularly practise it that can be of immense benefit in all areas of their lives.

Of course, it does not remove life's difficulties, but it does provide the meditator with a tangible inner resource that can automatically support them in adverse situations.

Heartfulness is always made available without any fee.



Transmission is the factor that is unique about Heartfulness.  Without it, Heartfulness would be just another meditation technique.  It is what allows many people to gain a very deep experience of meditation at a very early stage in their practice and without having mastered how to regulate their minds.

To try to explain exactly what transmission is and how it works would be complicated and theoretical, but the important thing is that this transmission can be felt within, often very tangibly, and often from the very start.  Over time, its effects accumulate and can lead to a permanent deep nourishing presence that is felt within, and which can be called upon at any time, even amidst the turbulences of life, to provide a deep sense of well-being.  It can help us to retain a greater perspective and balance in difficult moments than would otherwise be possible.

How can I experience Heartfulness with Transmission?

It can be done by following a 3-part Masterclass training online (about 40 minutes each) led by the global Guide for Heartfulness, Kamlesh Patel, affectionately known as Daaji.   These are free, as is all access to Heartfulness - no money changes hands.  Click the icon to sign up for this.

These sittings can also be taken face-to-face with a trainer (usually at the trainer's home) or remotely at an agreed time, and usually take place on consecutive days.  You can search this map to find any trainers near where you live.

Once the introductory sittings are complete, it is recommended to have further sittings at least every 2 weeks, but more often if you wish, in order to support and optimise the effectiveness of the practice.  You can contact a local trainer for this.

Once the introductory sittings are complete, you will automatically receive transmission whenever you meditate using this technique by yourself.  You will also be able to begin additional techniques to enhance the benefits if and when you feel you would like to (you can ask your trainer about these).  There will never be any charge for these techniques or for the meditation sittings themselves, and your trainer can instruct you in them as and when you request.


How often will I need to meditate?

The meditation is intended to meet an inner need within you, and so it is for you to decide when and for how long you meditate.  There is no minimum requirement, though in order to feel the full benefit of the meditation with transmission in daily life, it is recommended to sit initially for 30 minutes every day, ideally first thing in the morning (before the mind gets filled with daily concerns).  If you wish to gradually increase this to up to 60 minutes, this is also possible, but you can meditate as much (up to an hour at a time) or as little as you wish.


Can Heartfulness be offered to Organisations?

Yes.  Although this cannot be provided through the Transforming Autism Project, we can put you in touch with qualified and experienced facilitators who can provide Heartfulness workshops to any type of organisation for no charge.  Contact info@transformingautism.org