Transforming Autism Family Services

Transforming Autism is aiming and working hard to be able to launch it's very first direct family services during the autumn of 2020 (depending on the public health situation and our fundraising). We are putting the preparations in place and crucially, trying to raise the money to make it possible.

These will consist of the following:

  • Parent Groups – led by a specialist child-psychotherapist to learn from each other and from our own experiences
  • Family Support – our therapists will visit family homes to work with the parent and child together
  • Webinars – an expansion of our existing webinars programme to make them more regular and have more types of material

Uniquely, these services will all focus on crucial factors for a child’s wellbeing that are traditionally neglected by conventional approaches, but which we understand to be central to the optimal development of a child.  Key amongst these are:

  • Helping parents to understand their child’s experience and what they are attempting to communicate
  • Helping parents to know and feel confident in understanding & responding to their child’s needs
  • Creating a nurturing trust-based relationship between parent and child
  • Creating a safe, accepting environment around the child, free of over-stimulation

The aim is that the child’s anxiety is dramatically reduced, as they feel their home environment is safe and joyful, and can spend more of their energy discovering and growing into their true potential, rather than battling with frustration and disappointment and a feeling of being misunderstood.  The relationship between parent and child and the quality of life of the whole family can only benefit from this in a very significant way, as can the future prospects of the child.  Our goal is to truly unlock their potential!


Our Family Support service will launch first.

Click here for our Parent Guide to these services, with more details about how they will work.

If you would like to take advantage of these services, you can register your interest by writing to stating your name, location and age of your child.  You'll be put on our list of interested families and will be sent more details as we get close to launching them.

Parents will pay a small contribution towards the cost of the sessions, but the bulk of the cost will be borne by the charity in order to make them affordable.  Families on means-tested benefits will pay much less as well.

If you would like to make a donation to help us get to the point where we are able to launch these services, please click below or visit our donation page.