Early Intervention

Why Early Intervention

Why it is important to intervene early and how a child's entire future can be transformed the earlier it happens.

The Early Signs

Video guides and an 8-point checklist devised by the Mifne Centre to help you identify the early signs of autism in the first months of life.

Does Your Toddler Have Autism?

Our Q-CHAT online questionnaire - developed in assiciation with Professor Simon Baron-Cohen of Cambridge University - can give an indication as to whether your toddler (18-30 months) may have autism.

The Mifne Centre

Find out about the truly transformative and pioneering Mifne Centre. 

The Mifne Method, devised over the past 30 years, has revolusionised and given hope to very many families.  It is the method that we are currently working to bring to the UK.


Check out our growing selection of interviews on early intervention with autism specialists and influencers.  

Watch some of the key interviews below, or click here for more full interviews and clips.

Dame Steve Shirley (Parent of autistic child, becoming a multi-million pound autism philanthropist)

Professor Simon-Baron Cohen (eminent autism specialist & researcher, Cambridge University)

Gina Davies (Pioneering Speech and Language Therapist)

Tony Attwood (prominent Autsralia-Based Autism Specialist)

Martin Knapp (LSE autism researcher & author of the influential Autism Dividend Report)

Jonathan Green (has authored ground-breaking research into early-intervention in autism)