Challenging Behaviour

Challenging Behaviour

Have you ever stopped yourself to ask, ‘what is challenging behaviour?’ and ‘what can I do to stop it?’

The key takeaway from today is that your child’s behavior is a form of communication. Through their behaviour they are sending you powerful messages and trying to connect with you on a personal level about their thoughts, feelings, needs and wants.

However, the challenges of learning the social conventions of a world that is designed and optimised for a different type of person may sometimes cause difficulties including their ability to convey how they are feeling in more typical or age appropriate ways.

This means that instead of saying things like ‘I’m stressed’ or ‘I’m upset’ your child will send messages through their behaviour to convey their sense of overwhelm or stress.

So the challenge for us is to delve deeper and really figure out what that message is both from a parent or caregiver role to a teacher’s capacity to make sure the child’s needs are met.

For example, our child can give us clues through their body language and facial expressions how they are feeling internally.

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