Transforming Autism – The Book

BOOK - Transforming Autism (200 wide)

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All profits from sales of this book will go to The Transforming Autism Project.

This book is about how Guy's family empowered their son to transform himself from an extremely autistic toddler, written off by the medical establishment as severely disabled, into a happy and successful 6 year old living a full contented life and thriving in a mainstream school. It is about the unusually effective treatments they discovered, what they learnt from them and how they strive to continue applying these lessons as he grows and new challenges emerge.

It also proposes a radical and inspiring new way to understand autistic condition, based on the inner-richness of each autistic person rather than on their external behaviour.

Its aim is to serve as an important and practical resource for other parents and carers, leading them to better appreciate the unsuspected richness that silently exists deep within their child, and helping them to understand and apply new attitudes and behaviours towards them that will nurture rather than alienate. Through the many episodes recounted from Guy's family’s journey, Transforming Autism provides living examples of such an approach.

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