Raising Awareness about Autism

We’re the Transforming Autism Project (TAP). We different because we have a unique understanding of autism that emphasises the great potential that autistic people have, rather than considering autism a disability. We want to see a world beyond labels.

What are we doing to help autistic children and their families?

We’re offering services which are designed to unlock that potential from as young an age as possible, when lifelong transformative change is possible.

Our services will include family home support services, parent groups and online materials such as webinars and will empower parents to truly understand their children’s needs and learn how to respond to them in ways that make them feel safe, relieve anxiety and enable the establishment of nourishing trust-based relationships between parent and child. Find out more about our services.

Input into the creation of these services by joining in our focus group on 19th March at 7pm email services@transformingautism.org to register your interest in the focus group or our new support services.

Our longer-term plans

In time, we’ll build a life-changing portal of comprehensive support and community to Autism Parents, and provide direct intensive intervention to infants by bringing Israel’s pioneering and transformative Mifne Method to the UK in our own centre.

Our team

TAP was founded by two autism fathers and supported by a dedicated team of volunteers all committed to improving the lives of autistic children and their families. Why not find out more about our team members and what drives their commitment to TAP.

How you can help

You could join our team. We’re always looking for new talent to help us expand our reach and influence

And you could help us raise much needed funds to support the development of our range of services. Find out the different ways to donate.