What Is Autism: Our Perspective

Unlike others, we do not define autism as a disorder or an impairment.  We see it as essentially a condition of profound sensitivity. 

If this sensitivity is understood and valued for what it can bring, then an autistic person can be seen as a tremendous and valuable asset to society, not an overhead. 

Our TED talk introduces our unique understanding of what autism is:

There is also a text version of this talk here

However, if they are overloaded with intensive stimuli, then they are unlikely to be able to be able to make use of their enormous potential.   Who would be?

Our acclaimed TEDx talk (see video) presents for the first time our distinctive and positive conception of autism, and brings it to life.  It is right at the heart of all our charity's activities.

Audience Feedback:

"As an autistic adult I've never NEVER heard anyone enunciate so clearly and accurately who we are. This man does it perfectly. I wept through this entire video...spot on sir, spot on. Spot on, I'm still in tears. You have it right!"

Joseph Galbraith

"Thank you so much Mr. Shahar, for giving back our self worth to people with autism. It’s almost incredible how you have been able to put exactly into words how difficult it is for autistic people like myself to live in this what I call ‘upside down world’."


"At 63 I finally heard the story of my life! Thank you very much!"

Renee de Borst

"I’m speechless, he said it perfectly. It was impossible for me to articulate how I felt but he did it.   …….   Explains it perfectly"

Maelstrom Magnet

"i don’t want to cry but I did. thank you so much for this talk."

Roseta Ramos

"Thank you for these beautiful and meaningful words. This is the most accurate approach to autism. I thank you with my big autistic heart."

Cayara Aguila

"You understand more than anyone I have ever heard before and it was so healing listening to your talk."

Gabe Angel

"This is the best perception of autism from a natural and humanizing view that I have ever watched. Thanks!"


"This is one of the most beautiful and precious videos about autism. This clarifies so much of the spectrum...One of the best videos I´ve ever seen. Congrats for this brilliant father for his conclusions."

Dalila Silva

"We need every Autism Parent to watch this."

Medusa Petrichor

"I am on the spectrum, very high functioning and Guy Shahar describes so eloquently and beautifully autism"

Shoshanna Fachima

"I think that's the first time I've heard anyone speak so accurately about the experience (good and bad) of life on the autistic spectrum. Beautifully conveyed."


"This is just beautiful. This perfectly captures my life and most likely, a lot of others lives' as well."


"That is one of the best speeches on autism I’ve ever heard - thank you so much, you truly understand"

Andy Hunter

"Thank you SO much to Mr Shahar; after 50 years of pain and struggle and after a recent autism diagnosis I was desperate to have a voice to educate others and had wanted to do a 'TED' talk - then stumbled upon that of Mr Shahar which said pretty much everything."

Jen Cunningham

"Thank you for understanding us."

Michelle L. Myers

"I agree wholeheartedly with this presenter. How perfect was his explanation and his call to action."

Christin Goff

"That is one amazing father! His son is so lucky to have him! He understands Autism so well."

Otaku 58