2 Books to Revolutionise Your Perspective on Autism

by Guy Shahar

Published 6th May, 2016

In their very different ways, these 2 deeply moving and powerful books can genuinely transform how we perceive autism.

BOOK - Reason I Jump

The Reason I Jump by Naoki Higashida

This book was written by a 13 year old virtually non-verbal Japanese autistic boy.  He communicates what is really going on for him when he is exhibiting characteristics and behaviours that others may simply consider “autistic”, and how he experiences the world and the human culture around him.

What stands out is the honesty, purity and simplicity of his experience of what is going on around him, and the richness of personality that exists beneath the often impenetrable exterior.  Be prepared for some tears.

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BOOK - Uniquely HumanUniquely Human by Barry Prizant

I haven’t finished reading this but already feel to praise it.

Barry Prizant shares encounters with autistic children over his 40 years’ experience as a consultant on autism.  He describes how he has made a difference to their lives simply by asking himself the question “why?”,  “What is this autistic person revealing about his needs and feelings with this behaviour?”, and not giving up until he found answers.   The revelations that this approach have led him to have enabled him to make real connections with very many children who were previously considered unreachable.  His observations are full of care and compassion, and he has consistently used them to transform the behaviours he has observed from “problems” into useful tools to propel the confidence and development of the autistic child.  A single reading is not enough to absorb how to put this profound approach into practice ourselves, but it is enough to inspire and to open our eyes that little bit more.

It is a new book, and seems to be available only in hardback at this time.

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