Autism Around the Web – 1

by Guy Shahar

Published 24th May, 2016


Every so often, I will be posting an update of interesting blog posts and articles from around the web, relating to autism or to special needs parenting.  This is the first:



This is a remarkable news story about an autistic teenager who was considered unable to function, but who was given the opportunity to try a new communication technology.  How he used it astonished everyone, including his own family.



This is a really nice and inspiring poem I came across (and  I don’t usually connect with poems) from one of the autism parenting forums on Google plus.  It is by someone who notices the silent and selfless commitment of a special-needs parent, and actually just reading it can make you feel more appreciated and quite moved.





This is a very interesting article from the New York Times about an autistic man who found a treatment that enabled him to better tune in to others’ feelings and intentions.  This had the unexpected consequence of causing him a lot of pain, as his emotional sensitivity was triggered by a new exposure to the harshness of the world.  It even cost him his marriage.  Over time, he has learnt to co-exist with this new perceptual ability and build something of his life, with a better ability to cope with the pain he now encounters.





The Mighty have produced this simple video (to accompany their own blog post) of 35 inspiring thoughts for parents of children with special needs.


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