Become a Transforming Autism Ambassador!!!

PLEASE NOTE - Our Ambassador programme is not currently active.  We will update when we are able to re-launch it.

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We're looking for some great people who are passionate about Transforming Autism and what we are doing and would love the opportunity to be able to champion the charity.

Being so new, we don't yet have an ambassador programme as such, but we're looking for well-connected people who are able to work by themselves doing the following sort of things on our behalf.

If you're interested and would like to have a chat about it, please email

Spread the Word

Let as many people know about what we are up to and inspire them to get involved in any of the ways below.  You never know what else they might be able to offer....


Raise Money

Organise fundraising events or inspire others to do so, such as sponsored challenges (like travelling around Europe, parachuting, fasting, etc) or income-generating conferences, parties, concerts, etc.

Use Your Network

Help us to reach the people we really need - whether that be specialist team members (You can browse our Join Us page for the latest priorities), Trustees, particular individuals (such as key contacts or celebrities with a connection to autism) or others.  

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Unlock Opportunities

It could be media coverage, putting us on the radar of a key influencer, or many more things....