Groundbreaking autism charity, Transforming Autism, draws up plans to help parents across London

10th February, London, Transforming Autism, a charity which helps parents to understand and nurture the needs of their children, is appealing for sponsorship to launch the first direct autism support service to parents across London by April 2020.

Guy Shahar, the founder of the Transforming Autism project, set up the charity to raise awareness of early intervention approaches to autism in children. Guy was inspired by the progress made by his own autistic son after utilising the Mifne method of very early autism intervention.

Transforming Autism is hoping to initially launch a pilot project, which will allow parents of autistic children to attend group sessions across London, offering continuous support where parents can learn from each other and from a therapist. There will also be closed groups for continuity and confidence.

The pilot will also include skilled weekly home support by specialist child-psychotherapists who will work with the parent(s) and child together to strengthen the foundations of their relationship.

Over the longer term, Transforming Autism plan to open the UK’s first Mifne Autism Early Intervention Centre, which originated in Israel, as well as a life-changing Autism Parenting Hub. It will also see the expansion of currently fortnightly webinars with experienced therapists. These have a particular focus on the foundations of building successful and nourishing relationships.

Guy Shahar, Founder of the Transforming Autism Project, said:

“Before the age of two, my son Daniel was written off by medics as being at the “severe” end of the autism spectrum with poor prospects and little hope of any meaningful relationship with his parents.

“With a lot of guidance and good fortune, we were able to re-ignite his connection with the world around him. There is now great joy and promise in his life, which was previously unimaginable.

“I am passionate about unlocking the enormous potential that I know exists within every autistic child, however apparently “severe”, which is exactly why I launched Transforming Autism in 2017.”