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In Essence, the above chart shows what we are aiming to accomplish over the coming years.  There is a little more detail below, and there will be more information on each of these strands coming shortly.

There is a little more detail below, and there will be more information on each of these strands shortly.



  • The book Transforming Autism is currently available and provides a thorough but clear and accessible entry point to our approach to Early Intervention in Autism, which is based on attachment parenting and the provision of containment.
  • Preparing for the launch of a pioneering clinic for immersive treatment of families with young autistic children (aimed for launch in 2019) based on and in association with the extremely successful Mifne Clinic in Israel (also a charity).  The treatment that the clinic will offer is described in detail in the book.
  • Extensive global information campaign on the great potential for transformation and fulfilment for children with autism, and on the means to realise that potential.
  • Concurrent policy activities will accompany this campaign, so that care provision can be significantly influenced.



  • The creation of a comprehensive one-stop online “Hub”, where parents and carers can find a huge range of carefully compiled and curated advice, resources and recommendations on all issues related to the care of autistic children.
  • The establishment, through the Hub, of an online community of parents and other interested parties, some at the start of their journey, others years down the line, hang out together, connect, share their successes and their lessons, support one another.
  • The production of our own high quality and low priced visual aids to support autistic children in daily life.



This strand of our activities will come at a later date, and will include (partially through the Hub but also through other more hands-on means), comprehensive support for a child with autism approaching teenage and adulthood.  It will cover all forms of relationships, preparation for employment (including work with colleges and employers not only on how to recruit, but also on how to create a working environment that can fulfil and retain autistic people), bullying, anxiety, regulation of emotions, independent living and more.