Guy Shahar's TED talk - The Beautiful Reality of Autism, from November 2016 - lays out what The Transforming Autism Project is all about at heart. You can also read it here.

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  • Raising awareness of the possibilities available
  • Working towards establishing our revolutionary early intervention clinic
  • Creating an online portal for critical support to parents and carers

We are a brand new UK Charity (registration number:1173134), committed to revolutionising public and professional understanding of autism globally, and to ensuring that autistic people are recognised for their great potential to live rich, fulfilling integrated lives that contribute greatly to society, and that they are empowered to do so, especially through early intervention.  We also aim to provide inspiration and practical support for families, schools and others to achieve a transformation in their children's quality of life through the creation of an optimal environment and relationship with them.

We were founded in 2016 by Guy Shahar, author of the book, Transforming Autism, which details his family's journey to turn around the life of his own autistic son, and Gilles Pelenc, father of 2 autistic boys, who joined as co-founder and as a Trustee.

Interviews on Early Intervention

We have started to conduct a series of interviews with prominent autism specialists and influencers on the importance of early intervention in autism and approaches to it. 

Below are some clips.  Click Here for the full interviews.

Prof. Simon Baron-Cohen

Diagnosis - Boys vs Girls with Autism (4:43)

Gina Davies

Advice to Parents (1:58)

Prof. Jonathan Green

Why is Early Intervention important? (0.55)

Dr. Carole Buckley

Advice for GPs and Parents (1:41)