Transforming Autism strongly advocates early autism intervention - but not of a sort that treats autism as an illness or that aims to modify the behaviour of the child.  We propose a respectful approach that unlocks an autistic child's inner potential to live a contented and fulfilling life that we can all benefit from.  Our TED talk and book (see below) elaborate on this.

We are currently working to bring Israel's pioneering Mifne Centre to the UK by 2021.  This video, a news report from Israeli TV, hints at the transformative power of the Mifne Method for very young infants with autism.  It is a huge project, so if it inspires with you, you would be welcome to join our effort, donate, or just get in touch to see how you can play your part in the creation of this life-changing resource!  You can also become a Supporter to be able to bring more of what we need for the effort.

Guy Shahar's TED talk, The Beautiful Reality of Autism,  lays out what The Transforming Autism Project is all about at heart. You can also read it here.

Read our groundbreaking book exploring the Mifne method of autism early intervention.

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Our latest parent webinar from July 2019:  Building a Strong Relationship

The Transforming Autism Interviews: Professor Tony Attwood

Watch interviews with many more autism specialists and influencers here.

Understanding Autism in Young Children:  Webinar given by our CEO, Guy Shahar

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